Tugboat Logic's New Attestation Report Enables SMBs to Demonstrate Security Assurance
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Tugboat Logic’s New Attestation Report Enables SMBs to Demonstrate Security Assurance


Tugboat Logic, the leading security assurance company, announced the launch of its attestation report, which empowers small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with a better way to demonstrate security assurance. The report makes it easy for SMBs, which often lack the resources for an infosecurity program, to implement must-have controls and prove they are operable.

Businesses that leverage the Tugboat Logic Attestation Report receive guidance on implementing 20 security controls that reflect best practices from the Center for Internet Security and the Cloud Security Alliance. Once all controls are operable, they can generate the attestation report to prove they are compliant and from there, the report can be pulled at any time. That way, businesses can offer a real-time look at their security posture and build trust with customers and prospects when they need to.

In addition, they can use the report certification badge to promote their posture and build credibility in the marketplace. Finally, using Tugboat Logic’s platform, businesses can track the operability of their controls and ensure they’re always secure.

Tugboat Logic’s Attestation Report is an alternative way for businesses to prove they’re secure to customers and prospects. Since a third-party audit typically takes 4 to 12 months to complete, this module helps businesses create a “self-attestation” report in a fraction of the time to keep the sales process moving forward:

  • Quickly launch a credible infosec program: The report provides pre-written controls based on industry best practices. Customers verify all controls have been implemented in Tugboat Logic’s platform and automatically collect evidence to ensure they are always compliant.
  • Provide security assurance as needed: Customers have the flexibility to generate their Tugboat Logic Attestation Report in real time and provide their customers and prospects with proof that they have a credible InfoSec program in place. The report shows which controls are operable and explains them to customers.
  • Promote security posture: Once businesses have gotten compliant with Tugboat Logic’s Attestation, they will receive a certification badge to display online, letting prospects know their business prioritizes data protection.

Ray Kruck, founder and CEO, Tugboat Logic, said: “Many small and medium-sized businesses struggle to make security a priority. Because we are committed to security for all, we created the Tugboat Logic Attestation Report, which provides an accessible point of entry into the world of security and compliance. Companies will be able to demonstrate their security posture and move forward in their sales process without lengthy delay and significant expense.”

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