Lytx Launches the Lytx Integration Network

Lytx Launches the Lytx Integration Network


Lytx® Inc. unveiled its Lytx Integration Network, an ecosystem of strategic partners that leverage Lytx’s world class video and telematics data solutions to offer customers a customizable, all-in-one fleet management platform. The new network gives Lytx’s clients seamless access to an array of best-in-class solutions for superior fleet operations. Lytx is a leading provider of machine vision- and artificial intelligence-powered video telematics, analytics, safety, and productivity solutions for commercial, public sector, and field service fleets.

“Lytx’s video and telematics data have transformed the efficiency, safety, and profitability of thousands of fleets worldwide,” said Rajesh Rudraradhya, Lytx’s chief technology officer. “Our platform has given fleet managers valuable insights into what happens in and around their fleet. Leveraging this success, we are now partnering with the industry’s top fleet technology providers to provide clients with best-in-class, end-to-end solutions to improve operations and transform their businesses.”

“The new Lytx Integration Network is creating value for our strategic partners and our clients,” said Frank Schneider, Lytx’s director of strategic partnerships and integrations.

“We’re open for business, and we are expanding our offerings,” Schneider said. “This represents an important evolution in our business model. Lytx is a trusted consultant to thousands of fleet customers, and our integration partners will benefit from our relationships with clients. Our clients will benefit from pre-built integrations with industry-leading providers that solve real customer needs.”

Integrated solutions on one platform

The Lytx Integration Network offers a coordinated, smooth, and coherent integration of services so that clients can get more out of their fleet investments. Specifically, data, video, and insights from Lytx can provide a more complete picture, which powers more comprehensive fleet management.

For example, the Lytx Integration Network provides access to Idelic’s Safety Suite driver management system, which gives fleet owners the ability to elevate their safety culture and reduce driver turnover.

“Through the Lytx Integration Network, Idelic customers gain a clearer understanding of their drivers and are better able to see them home safely with the addition of Lytx video telematics to Safety Suite,” said Brett Stevenson, VP of Business Development at Idelic. “We’ve found Lytx exceedingly easy to work with, and the software integration has been seamless.”

The Lytx Integration Network also offers fleet managers access to Geotab software, which provides intelligent video, advanced telematics, and ELD compliance solutions – all in one.

“Now, Lytx customers can use the Lytx Integration Network to access more of Geotab’s ecosystem of innovative technology solutions to help improve fleet efficiency, productivity, and regulatory compliance,” said Colin Sutherland, Executive Vice President, Sales at Geotab. “This all-in-one platform offers customers the power of both Geotab and Lytx technologies with a seamless user experience.”

Beans Route is another key integrator, providing an AI-powered, end-to-end route planning and dispatch suite.

“Customers can now truly harness AI and cloud computing power to solve the complexities of fleet operations, safety, route planning, and dispatch through the partnership between Lytx and Beans,” said Akash Agarwal, Beans Route founder and chief business officer. “It’s a winning proposition for us, for Lytx, and, most importantly, for logistics operators.”

The Lytx Integration Network aggregates tools and data from more than 20 partners that offer:

  • Tracking;
  • Dispatching and routing;
  • Maintenance and repairs;
  • Transportation management;
  • Insurance automation and mitigation;
  • Safety and risk management; and
  • Human resources and compliance.

Layered together, these turnkey integrations across these critical areas give fleets everything they need to quickly take action, improve operational efficiency and safety, and serve their customers better.

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