Hippo Video Launches 'Template Builder' to Increase Video Adoption in Enterprise Companies
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Hippo Video Launches ‘Template Builder’ to Increase Video Adoption in Enterprise Companies


Even in a pre-COVID world, videos were already heroes due to their ability to  convey messages in a personable way. setting a new standard for how businesses provided competitive advantage. In the post-pandemic world, where there are restrictions on travel and social distancing, businesses have realized that they can also deliver value to users in a personalized way with videos. To support the use-case of “video selling” and to encourage video adoption along with sales effectiveness, Hippo Video has launched “Template Builder” – a cool new feature that speeds up video creation, personalization, and improves the sharing experience using in-built customizable templates.

For example, sales enablement can create templates that are unique to each use case and hand it to sales reps who can significantly benefit by just recording a video for a specified portion without worrying about the rest of the flow.

This feature is for brand admins, sales reps and is a boon for sales enablement teams. It allows for seamless creation and usage of video templates where sales managers and sales representatives can equally enjoy the benefits of creating personalized videos with minimal effort.

Karthi Mariappan, the CEO of Hippo Video, says, “In an age where in-person interaction is missing, and sales reps are hunched over endless zoom calls or emails, this feature comes as a respite to create quick and easy asynchronous videos. They are refreshing to look at and open new avenues in prospecting,”

How Template Builder Works

Template Builder helps users to

  1. Access in-built templates and customize them depending on their requirements.
  2. Use wireframes to build entirely new templates from scratch. These wireframes are ‘skeleton templates’ that can accommodate new, brand-approved videos or images.
  3. Focus on recording or including videos in pre-defined templates, without worrying about brand guidelines.

Template Builder is a big time saver and productivity booster for sales professionals. Early feedback has indicated a solid 60% reduction in time taken to create videos.

The analytics for these videos used inside email campaigns are also available in the advanced video analytics dashboard – data such as how many number of video emails are sent, their open rate, video play and engagement rate, etc. It assists in qualifying or disqualifying prospects, which is critical in sales outreach. This feature is set to be further enhanced by including direct integration with major CRM and email marketing platforms.

Hippo Video’s Seamless Integration

Hippo Video’s robust video experience platform works as a web app (Chrome browsers) and also a desktop app (for macOS). The mobile app is also available on Android and iOS. Hippo Video has integrations with CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot and also works seamlessly within LinkedIn, Outreach, Salesloft, Gmail, Outlook, Freshsales, and 15 other sales engagement tools.

Hippo Video was named a Leader and High Performer in the G2 Summer 2021 Grid Report in Video Email and Sales Engagement Categories. It continues to grow strong, helping sales professionals scale up personalized experience in different sales activities using videos.

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