Dubb Enterprise Revolutionizes the Way That Sales Leaders Communicate with Video
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Dubb Enterprise Revolutionizes the Way That Sales Leaders Communicate with Video


Dubb, the world’s sales-focused video communication platform, is excited to announce a brand new suite of integrated products that changes how sales leaders communicate. Called Dubb Enterprise, it contains game-changing products that help sales professionals from both small and large companies connect with prospects, build relationships, and onboard new clients.

“Dubb Enterprise is the latest collection of sales tools for small and large businesses alike,” said Ruben Dua, founder and CEO of Dubb. “Whether you are a VP of sales at a large company or are a sales leader at a much smaller business, Dubb Enterprise can accelerate your sales growth and help you build strong relationships with colleagues, prospects, and customers.”

Dubb Enterprise is made up of seven integrated products—each of which helps you easily leverage the power of video in your day-to-day sales work. They are:

  • Calify.me is a booking and scheduling engine that lets anyone manage their calendar through a public booking link.
  • CAIRA™ is a real-time feedback assistant that helps anyone become more self-aware of and improve their communication.
  • Dubb’s iMessage extension offers a seamless way to make your videos actionable on iOS devices.
  • Dubb Academy is a coach-led education program that lets you capitalize on everything that Dubb has to offer. It includes live meetings two times per week, an extensive library of training resources, and more.
  • Dubb Marketplace is an ecosystem that contains both native integrations and third-party integrations.
  • Dubb Sync is a tool that lets you easily connect Dubb with your favorite platforms.
  • Dubb Scripts and Teleprompter makes it easier for anyone to be more polished when on camera.

Sales leaders at all types of organizations can start using Dubb Enterprise today. Whether they are trying to hit their sales quotas or are searching for a better way to reach their prospects, these sales leaders can rely on Dubb Enterprise to accomplish their goals.

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